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R&F's foreign aid Saba said in an interview with the foreign media "Walla" that he did not understand why Chinese players did not learn English, and at the same time insisted that he did not believe in the existence of the new crown virus.


It's not so good. When you close your life for two months, your mood will not be too good.


More than two months ago. Today is a complicated year. I came to China with Zahawi 6 months ago. When his family arrived with him, my wife and son stayed in Israel because my wife was pregnant. I stayed alone in Guangzhou for 2 months from March to May, and went back to be with my wife in May. After returning to China in July, I never saw them again.

两个多月前。今天是复杂的一年。我六个月前和Zahawi一起来到中国。当他的家人与他一起到达时,我的妻子和儿子因为我妻子怀孕而留在以色列。从三月到五月,我独自在广州呆亚搏网页版了两个月,五月又回到了我的妻子身边。 7月返回中国后,我再也见不到他们了。

Indeed, after I arrived in Guangzhou in July, I lived alone in a hotel and then went to the competition city Dalian. I have been here for 2 months and I have not seen my wife and children. My eldest son is very angry because I am not by his side.


This is one of the most difficult times in my life. My knee was badly injured. This was the hardest moment in my life. After I returned to China, it was really terrible to be isolated from the world in the hotel for two periods. It is impossible to leave the room, without a balcony, as if confined. Because I don’t eat Chinese food, I don’t eat food delivered from the hotel. They will put the food at the door of the room, and I just leave the food to them. Instead, I will order takeaway from outside, which will arrive 2 hours after ordering, so the food is always cold. I did not eat well during these two periods.


Generally speaking, I am a bit picky about food. These foods do not suit my taste. My wife often cooks when she is there. There are also many good restaurants in Guangzhou. But this time is really difficult.


Everyone stayed in the room, only going out for training and competition. Listen, I haven't worn casual clothes for two months.


Yes, I can at least find someone to talk to me. I stay here alone, and in this isolation, the situation becomes more difficult.


I had planned to return to Israel with Zahawi, but then the team decided not to let us go back. Zahavi has been in the club for 4 years and has a certain status. The team let him go back. I stayed because I can't take the risk with my contract, and I can't leave the team without permission.


This is the game I want to participate in. If the national team invites me, I believe I will go there and I will do my best. I hope FIFA can change its decision and don't stop players from participating in the national team competition, because this game is very important.


It depends on whether the national team recruits me and the decision of FIFA. If FIFA does not change the decision, I will go to the team and ask to report to the national team because this is the most important game in Israel in recent years.


I will continue to play for the team according to the contract. There are 4 foreigners in the team and we are in contact. It is quite difficult for Chinese players, they only know a few English words. Because I don’t understand English, I have to communicate with them for a long time. I don't know why they don't learn English in school. The coaches here are equipped with translators to translate everything. Translation is the shadow of the coach.


If I get such a contract in Europe, I will travel from Israel to Europe. Obviously coming to China has changed my life. We are lucky to be here to receive this salary. I am not the highest paid player here, even at the bottom, for Israeli football and the quotes I get from Europe, I currently get a lot more money.


I don't believe in the new coronavirus, and I don't believe it in one percent. I didn't even wear a mask. I don't believe in these things, it is difficult for me to do them.


I don't believe it at all. I think they changed the name of the flu to the new coronavirus. Maybe in a few years we will know what this will be. I don't understand, the world will not stop because of such a thing.


I don't believe in the new crown virus. I was sick even before the new crown epidemic broke out. I had a cold and lay in bed for three days and could not move. I had a bad cold. I still can't believe it.